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Export Strategy

Together more results

Step 1. Facilitated first discussions
Our journey begins with an evaluation of the current situation, needed steps and an understanding of possibilities, challenges, opportunities, threats etc.

Step 2. The Road Map
To make a successful roadmap all cards need to be on the table.
A realistic plan will be made to fit a company's own capabilities. 

Step 3. Budgeting & Financing 
We create a correct budget with you for the chosen market entry.
We find financial instruments and investments from both public and private sector to support your export.

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Market Entry

We introduce your brand 

Mapping of partners
We fast lane your market entry via our local knowledge and a trusted network of experts: legal, accounting, distributors, direct buyers, logistical solutions, certification experts, investors, etc.

Fast market checks
We create fast market checks to get understanding about local price levels, competitors, rules and laws related to your product. In most of cases a fast market check is enough to get an understanding of the market without spending months on "consulting work".
Governmental connections
We are active in local chambers and other official networks.
We know what kind of support official institutions can allocate.

Representative offices
We offer you local legal presence via our own network in the EU (Helsinki, Riga), and in Southeast Asia (Shanghai, Hong Kong).
More locations will open soon.

Market Entry

Branding Marketing

Let's enhance your brand for export!

Brand identity
Your brand must be strong and bold to meet new markets.

Local marketing
We bespoke your materials to meet requirements of the target market.
We build a local marketing strategy and a budget with local experts.

Live events / expos
We design and project manage live events in all business hubs of the world.

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Branding & Marketing
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Sourcing Channels

We link Southeast Asia and Europe

Testing & certification assistance
We verify your products for intended markets.
Southeast Asian companies might need CE marked products to European market, including having a representative inside the EU.
We advice to a correct third party certification company and assist even with clinical studies for healthcare products in Southeast Asian countries. 

New suppliers and channels
Companies are looking all time for new products to sell in their respective countries - we connect them with household names and companies in the EU or in Southeast Asia.

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