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A welding and steel assembly team from Latvia to Finland

Updated: Sep 1, 2021

Picus Riga helps Finnish companies to get professional workers to support their production and order books.

Sia S&B Precision is a Latvian company who is listed at the Finnish Reliable Partner Program to subcontract steel, piping and HVAC works in the Nordics and Germany.

Picus Riga upgraded their marketing materials and started negotiations with Finnish clients to help both parties.

In less than six months Picus Riga found a Finnish factory who will enhance S&B steel welding and assembly expertise. Picus Riga advised with Finnish rules and regulations related to steel assembly labor union contracts and help to find reliable medical and housing partners.

The Rail Baltica construction will start in full speed soon, and that will effect on the Finnish labor and supply market. Rail Baltica is one of the biggest construction projects in the EU ever done, and it will take all available resources under its needs. Finnish companies should be ready to get talents to their factories and sites.

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